vendredi 3 juillet 2009

Battle slalom Boston

Results Battle US III, Boston
À l'attention des membres de World Slalom Series

30 juin, à 18:30
The 3rd edition of Battle US was held in Boston, on june 20-21, 2009.
Skaters from 7 countries took part in the competition.
Igor Cheremetieff (Fra) won the battle final against Xuan Le (Fra), John Stanning (Aus) and Tim Schraepen (Bel).
The national title has been won by Eriald Karakosta, from NYC in front of Jeremy Lacivita, 2008 US champion and Megan McIntosh, from Boston.

Battle US International :
1 Cheremetieff Igor - France
2 Le Xuan - France
3 Stanning John - Australia
4 Schraepen Tim - Belgium
5 Mcintosh Megan - Usa

Battle US National :

1 Karakosta Eriald - USA
2 Lacivita Jeremy - USA
3 Mcintosh Megan - USA
4 Smith Dennis - USA
5 Palmer Dennis - USA

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