dimanche 5 juin 2011

Découvrir le blader cross en roller

Découvrir le bladercross en roller , c'est par ici et son site officiel

cliquez ici et découvrez la vidéo promo de la discipline ci-dessous :

The first step of the World Skate Cross Series (WSX) was held in Beidaihe, China, on May 1st & 2nd.
The event was a big success among the audience and the skaters, thanks to the organisation, NCS (North China Skaters) and the sponsors, SEBA skates, Beidaihe and Qingdao city government.
Here is the video showing the best moments of the competition, including SEBA skaters Kevin Quintin, Jean Teissier, Marjorie Phlippoteau, Kirill "Rekil" Ryazantsev, Anthony Finocchiaro, Sebastien Laffargue, and of course the local skaters who did great.
Shot by Anthony, Rekil, Marjorie, Kevin and Jean
Edit by Anthony Finocchiaro.

Article on: www.sebanews.com
Pictures on: www.flickr.com/photos/sebaskates/

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